It is a refund process for customers who have successfully applied for refund. If you has confirmed that your refund application is available, you can figure out if your refund application has been completed by checking if your payment account has received your fee.

Two ways to refund
1. HuluTrip will arrange to refund to the account number you have given to us if  you pay by transferring to HuluTrip's account.
(In order to ensure your refund will be completed successfully. Please give us your account information accurately (Such as account number, account name and etc). )
2. HuluTrip will arrange to refund to your account through the third-party payment in 7-15 weekdays if you pay by third-party payment solution (Such as Alipay).

Refund Conditions
(Please read the Ticket Refund Notice carefully before you check if you meet the following conditions.)
The follow conditions are about what is refundable.
1. You must have paid-item in HuluTrip.
2. You must have the record of payment and the confirmation of your payment.
3. You must agree to pay the extra procedure fee during the refund process.
4. You must apply for a refund before its expiration date or using it.
5. The refund application is acceptable only when it is applied by the orderer or the user.
6. The refund amount you apply for can not be more than the amount you have paid for this order.
7. You must agree to pay the procedure fee of withdraw operation and the penalty charge from the bank.

Customer Service of Refund Application:
Service Hour: 09:00——21:00
Service Tel: 852-30501916
Service Email: