This is an article about applying for a receipt. You can apply for a receipt by related order No. and order amount through the access below if you want a receipt for consumption record or for abroad tours. If you are not the orderer, please contact to the orderer and the payment organization for the application of receipt receiving agency.

Conditions of Applying For A Receipt
1. Having a real consumed item in HuluTrip.
2. Having the record of payment and the confirmation of your payment. 
3. Agree to pay a part of the tax of the receipt.
4. The product has been used or it has passed the expiry date.
5. The Application is applied by the orderer or the user.
6. The receipt amount you apply for can not be more than the amount you have paid for this order.
7. Agree to pay the postage and the bill of express.

Application Access>>

Once the application is confirmed, the receipt will be created by computer immediately, so any amendments will not be accepted. PLEASE APPLY CAREFULLY.