Set Lunch at Yamazato Restaurant Hotel Okura Macau

Map 28/F, Yamazato Restaurant, Hotel Okura Macau

5.0 out of 5 (hulutrip Guest Rating)     Tour Code:1250199
Unavailable HKD 213+
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Would you like to taste the traditional Japanese cuisine of Okura Amsterdam? At Yamazato Restaurant the authentic kaiseki cuisine is served. The kitchen of kaiseki ryori is partly influenced by the ritual of the Japanese tea ceremony, where the Zen philosophy of minimalism and control is propagated. 

Set Lunch at Yamazato Restaurant Hotel Okura Macau

Map 28/F, Yamazato Restaurant, Hotel Okura Macau

5.0 out of 5 (hulutrip Guest Rating)

Unavailable HKD 213+ Tour Code:1250199

Would you like to taste the traditional Japanese cuisine of Okura Amsterdam? At Yamazato Restaurant the authentic kaiseki cuisine is served. The kitchen of kaiseki ryori is partly influenced by the ritual of the Japanese tea ceremony, where the Zen philosophy of minimalism and control is propagated. 

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Name:Set Lunch at Yamazato Restaurant

Address:28/F, Yamazato Restaurant, Hotel Okura Macau


The charisma of Japanese cuisine comes not only from the attention to food, but also the ambience. Located on the 28th floor of Hotel Okura Macau, the simple and elegant Yamazato Japanese Fine Dining restaurant is exemplary of such charm. The interior design of the restaurant includes a private dining room for 12 persons. Meanwhile, looking through the windows, there's the breathtaking resort view of the elegant gardens of Galaxy Macau Yamazato serves classical Japanese cuisine and the famous traditional Kaiseki meals. With caring attention to the design layout and details, whether you're dining alone or with friends and families, Yamazato is the place to be.
Set Lunch at Yamazato Restaurant Hotel Okura Macau, Michelin Yamazato 28, Yamazato Okura Discount Macao, Yamazato Okura Cheap Macao
Would you like to taste the traditional Japanese cuisine of Okura? At Yamazato Restaurant the authentic kaiseki cuisine is served. The kitchen of kaiseki ryori is partly influenced by the ritual of the Japanese tea ceremony, where the Zen philosophy of minimalism and control is propagated. The honzen banquet, the grandiose way of eating from the medieval aristocracy where a large number of dishes is being served at different small tables, underlies the Japanese haute cuisine as we know it today. The authentic Japanese Yamazato restaurant is awarded with a Michelin star since 2002. The restaurant breathes a classical atmosphere and this gives you the instant feeling of being in Japan. 
Set Lunch at Yamazato Restaurant Hotel Okura Macau, Michelin Yamazato 28, Yamazato Okura Discount Macao, Yamazato Okura Cheap Macao
The typically Japanese ambiance at Yamazato is further enhanced by the service. Waitresses in traditional kimonos serve you with the utmost elegance and attention. At the sushi-counter you can watch the sushi-masters live at work. You will find Yamazato Restaurant on the ground floor of Hotel Okura.
Chirashi Sushi with Bamboo shoots Leaf
Spinach with Mustard
Egg Tofu with Dashi Soup
Grilled Salmon with Yuzu Citrus
Deep Fried Tiger Shrimp with Rainbow Rice Clacker
Seasonal Sashimi
Vegetable Okado Noodle
Seasonal Fruits

What to Expect
Yamazato Restaurant is the first traditional kaiseki restaurant outside Japan that is awarded with a Michelin star. The standards that apply to the kaiseki cuisine differ greatly from those of modern Japanese cuisine. This means that the menu is composed following the classical kaiseki structure. The dishes, tableware as well as kimonos of the waitresses are all immersed with symbolism according to the changes of the seasons.

Get acquainted with the Japanese culture
We are aware that not everyone is accustomed with the specific cultural uses and the ingredients that are used. If you for example don't know how to eat with chopsticks, you could read all about it, or just ask our staff for 'beginnner chopsticks' or cutlery. Eventhough most of the service staff of Yamazato is Japanese and will speak English, feel free to ask all the explanation you need. We will be more than happy to explain the dishes to you.

Something different?
Looking for a totally different Japanese dinner experience? Then you should really try Teppanyaki Restaurant Sazanka, located next to Yamazato. At this restaurant dishes are being prepared right in front of you on the hotplate under the skillfull hands of the teppan-chefs. Both Japanese restaurants are led by Executive Chef and Manager Masanori Tomikawa.

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