Korea Pocket Wifi Rental (unlimited flow & Airport Pickup Taiwan)

Map Airport Convenience Store Taiwan

0.0 out of 5 (hulutrip Guest Rating)     Tour Code:167813
Unavailable HKD 130+

With limitless internet,it can share up to 10 sets of electronic equipment,then use Line, Skype, WhatsApp, wechat for free telephone or Internet access.

Korea Pocket Wifi Rental (unlimited flow & Airport Pickup Taiwan)

Map Airport Convenience Store Taiwan

0.0 out of 5 (hulutrip Guest Rating)

Unavailable HKD 130+ Tour Code:167813

With limitless internet,it can share up to 10 sets of electronic equipment,then use Line, Skype, WhatsApp, wechat for free telephone or Internet access.

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Pickup Location: Airport convenience store in Taiwan.
Pickup Time: at 12a.m. on reservation date.
Reservation Time: 3 or 4 days in advance, if you have registered before, please tell us. Within 2 days in advance, reservation cannot be made.
Special Tip: Pickup time is better after 12a.m. Please remark your flight time, so we can prepare your pickup on time.
Equipment Support: be shared up to 10 sets of electronic equipment functioned with wifi.
Signal Supply: Be offered by LGU, may be different in various areas.
Internet: Unlimited internet during rental.
Equipment Rental Fee: It is paid by credit card limit, and it retrieves in 45 days to 3 months according to rules of different banks.
Pickup Date: Rental fee is included on pickup date, please return on return day before 12 p.m. to branch store.
Important Tip:
1. If share device lost or damaged, rental fee doesn't retrieve and full payment is compensated for share device.
2. Please not unfold and take SIM card away. If SIM card lost or damaged, find 1000 NT.
3. Compensation Price: original battery deserves 2000 NT, outer package of share device deserves 200NT, USB data cable deserves 100NT, original charger deserves 200NT.


Name:Korea Pocket Wifi Rental

Address:Airport Convenience Store Taiwan


Hulutrip provides Korea Pocket Wifi Rental with unlimited internet with high speed. LGU signal is provided by Korea Telecom, korea wifi egg olleh is practical for tourist. It can share up to 10 sets of electronic equipment,then use Line,Skype,WhatsApp, wechat for free telephone or Internet access. There is sim card in pocket wifi egg, but tourists should not take it away.
Korea Pocket Wifi Signal
Device Name Signal Company Download/Upload Speed Electric Power Share
4G LTE Pocket WiFi ME-Y30K   LGU kr Download maximum100Mbps, upload 50Mbps 3000mAh about 1hr 10 devices
Temperature difference is differed between indoor or outdoor. Please don't open under freezen temperature, or raise rapid depletion of battery. 
Korea Pocket Wifi Pickup Procedure
1. Tell staff that it is ivideo pickup. Give your name first, and present your confirmation sheet.
2. Staff passes exclusive pag filled with share device of wifi.
3. Sign your name on pickup sheet. 
Return Pickup
1. Put share device of wifi in exclusive pag of ivideo, affix the seal.
2. Brush barcode of return pickup.
3. Take "Collection of Special Payment Proof." (Keep collecting private contribution proof that you have bounced.

7- ELEVEN Convenience Store

Korea Pocket Wifi Pickup Procedure
1. Tell staff that it is ivideo pickup. Give your name first, and present your confirmation sheet.
2. Staff passes paper box filled with share device of wifi. Please keep sheet of return code, it should be offered when returning share device. 
Return Pickup
1. Find ibon machine.
2. On the front page, click button of life, click button of return pickup, click button of return, tape code of return pickup, confirm input, click buttons of agree and accept the rules, confirm and print payment sheet.
3. Get return sheet.
4. Put share device of wifi in paperbox, give it to staff with return sheet.
5. Please keep Collection of Special Payment Proof " that confirms your return. 
Korea Pocket Wifi Pickup Location
Hi-Life Convenience Store located on south of First Terminal (bus station) of Taoyuan  Airport. (pickup after 2:00p.m.)
7-11 Convenience Store located at B2 Food Street, Second Terminal of Taoyuan  Airport. (after 12:00)
7-11 Convenience Store located on the north side of First Terminal, Songshan Airport, Taipei (1F). (pickup after 12:00, this store is open from 6 to 22:00, not 24hr operating)
7-11 Convenience Store outside Taichung Airport (pickup after 12:00)
7-11 Convenience Store outside Kaohsiung Airport (pickup time after 12:00)
[Convenience Store include: 7-11, OK convenience stores, Lyle rich (OK Lyle rich and need to take the original parts store also pieces 7-11 can also store different items, you need to pay NT $ 30 yuan logistics costs)]
You can pick wifi egg up at 7-11, OK, Hi-Life. When return the wifi egg, tourists should go back to original pickup location if you are pick it up at OK, Hi-Life. 7-11 offers tourists remote pickup, but logistics fee of 30NT should be paid.
Pocket Wifi How to Use
1. Open setup, open wifi.
2. Choose ID of share device of wifi.
3. Tape password, connect internet.
How To Order


*Please contact us if your computer can not print E-Ticket

Paper Ticket

*Please input consignee address when you place order

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