ONEMOUNT Snow Park E-ticket

Map 300, Hallyu World Road, Onemount District, Gaoyang City, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

5.0 out of 5 (hulutrip Guest Rating)     Tour Code:205286
Unavailable HKD 149+

Fantastic Winterland all year round! Have maximum fun at Onemount Snow Park!

Tips:Please wear gloves, or you have to purchase gloves in ONEMOUNT Snow Park.

ONEMOUNT Snow Park E-ticket

Map 300, Hallyu World Road, Onemount District, Gaoyang City, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

5.0 out of 5 (hulutrip Guest Rating)

Unavailable HKD 149+ Tour Code:205286

Fantastic Winterland all year round! Have maximum fun at Onemount Snow Park!

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Inclusion: ONEMOUNT Snow Park Ticket.
Redemption: You will receive 1 E-ticket by email after the transaction is suceeded within 1 business day. Please present either a printed or a mobile voucher for redemption on ticket office of ONEMOUNT Snow Park.
Exclusion: Ski Rentals.
Opening Hours: 10:00-22:00.
Child: Aged under 3 free of charge, please bring passport for redemption.


Name:ONEMOUNT Snow Park

Address:300, Hallyu World Road, Onemount District, Gaoyang City, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea


Onemount Snow Park Highlight
Fantastic Winterland all year round! Have maximum fun at Onemount Snow Park!
Arctic sled dog
What is the story about a dog sled drawn by happy dogs? Onemount's Snow Park keeps a wintry temperature throughout the year. Arctic sled dogs are right at home in this environment. Sled dogs draw sleds only three times a day. When they are not rollicking in Snow Park, they rest and eat highly nutritious fresh chicken breast and drumsticks for breakfast and dinner.
So you want to ride the dog sled, but you are concerned that you may be too heavy for sled dogs? Don't worry! Each dog sled has superpower and can draw up to 400kg. Snow Park would not force sled dogs to draw sleds. There is only the bond between the sled dog's desire to run and the Mushers. They will showcase the power, grace, and majestic beauty.

Mammoth Sled
What is the story of Mammoth Sled in the snowy fields? Ride the mammoth and search for the lost world in icebergs. Glide through the starry tunnel and arrive at the Auroratheme cave and the forest tunnel. Move forward through this adventure to visit Halloween Village where Aunt Spider will welcome you. Explore the fantasy fairy-tale village of Snow Park while riding the mammoth for even more fun.
Opening Hours
  Weekday Weekend
Snow Park 10:00 19:00 10:00 20:00
Snow Hill 11:00 18:00 11:00 19:00
Carousel 10:30 18:30 10:30 19:30
Ever Slide 09:30 18:00 09:30 18:00
Animal Sled
1 time 11:00~12:00
2 times 14:00~15:00
3 times 16:30~18:00
Before Admission
Step 1: Buy admission ticket and redeem at the ticket booth on the first floor.
(Admission to the Snow Park is on a first-come first-served basis. Restrictions may apply when the maximum capacity is reached.)
Step 2: Take the escalator to the 2nd Floor (The entrance to the Snow Park is on the 2nd Floor, touch the admission ticket to the gate sensor for admission.)
Step 3: Prohibted articles and foods should be known before entrance (No mats are allowed inside. Only patient food, baby food, and water are allowed, but bottled water is not allowed. No other food is allowed inside the premises.)
Rental Fees

  Rental Fees (KRW) Precautions
Skate Rental 5000 Present your ID/personal skates are not allowed.
Walkers Are Rented for Beginning Skaters 2000  
Warm Winter Clothes (Top) Rental 5000 Present your ID
(Please use strollers for infants.)
5000 Present your ID/personal strollers can be used.
Anti-slip overshoes are rented. 2000 Present your ID
Sneakers are rented. 2000 Present your ID
Shoulder & Knee Blankets are rented. 2000 Present your ID
Purchase safety gloves. 1000-2000 Please wear gloves. (Personal gloves can be used.)
Lockers for storing articles. 1000-2000 Use KRW500 coins (KRW10000 for a lost key)
(Return rental articles to the rental shop and you have to present ID before renting.)
How To Enjoy Snow Park
  1. For maximum enjoyment and safety, wear warm clothes,
  2. For your convenience and in consideration of others, use rental skates only, sing quietly, behave like your Mother’s watching, and NEVER smoke or drink alcohol.
  3. We feed the animals so you don’t have to. Take pictures without using a flash.
  4. Comply with the following when visiting Onemount facilities.
  5. When using sleds, kick sleds, bicycles and locomotives, follow the speed limits and be considerate of others.
  6. Follow the instructions of staff members when using our amusement facilities and sledding slopes.
  7. When using the carousel, use the safety belt and sit naturally. Avoid carrying fragile articles with you.
  8. Always wear safe shoes in Snow Park. (High heels and shoes with slippery soles are prohibited.)
Snow Park Usage and Cautions
  • Free for infants : under 36 months old (documentary evidence (certified copy of resident registration) is required) (However, exceptions are made for group events.)
  • Children : 36 months old ~ 6th grade in elementary school (for identification, the medical insurance card and other documentary evidence are required.)
  • Buy a one-day ticket to access and use facilities. (Additional payment may be required for some facilities.)
  • Exit and return to Snow Park is not allowed.
  • Place valuables in the safe deposit boxes.
  • Wear warm clothes and gloves to enjoy the cool temperatures in Snow Park.
  • Information on bringing food and mats inside Snow Park.
  • No food is allowed inside the premises in consideration of all guests.
  • However, patient food, baby food and water are allowed (NO bottled water).No other food is allowed inside the premises.
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