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Koh Samet Island
is located 220 km from the capital in the Gulf of Thailand.It is also alternately transliterated as Koh Samed or Ko Samed or Ko Samet.Ko Samet is approximately 13.1 square kilometres (5.1 sq mi) in size, and shaped somewhat like the letter "t". Along the length of the "t" (north-south) the island measures approximately 7 km, and measures 4 km across the "t" (west-east). Forests blanket up to 80 percent of the total area. Closest to the mainland, lies the small island port village of Na Dan, commonly known as Ko Samet Village, with its nearby beach,Hat Sai Kaeo (Thai: หาดทรายแก้ว), the longest beach on Ko Samet. And Hat Sai Kaeo is usually called Diamond Beach.Most of Ko Samet's beaches lie along the eastern shore of the island. Ko Samet is one of the driest archipelagos in Thailand. Ko Samet gets significantly less rainfall than Rayong Province, even though it is only a few kilometres offshore. The island's "rainy season" extends only from May to July, but even during this season it has less rain than other islands in Thailand. The island, despite being arid, consists of lush forested hills, covered with evergreen and deciduous forest and cajeput trees grow abundantly. Owing to the lack of rain, Ko Samet must import potable water from the mainland. There are 14 white sand beaches on the island, which are surrounded by colourful coral reefs providing such aquatic sports as swimming,snorkeling and scuba diving. The most popular beach areas are: Saikaew Beach, Ao Phai and Ao Vong Duan.The Best time to visit is from October - May. Koh Samed is one of the driest archipelagos in Thailand. Koh Samed gets significantly less rainfall than Rayong province, even though its only a few kilometres offshore. Pattaya Cabaret Show: Alcazar Show  Tiffany Show   Aphrodite Cabaret Show   Simon Cabaret  Show
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