Koh Samet Snorkeling Day Tour : Info Price , Q & A Nearby ,  E-ticket
It takes 2 hours to get to Koh Samet Island from Pattaya and 3 hours from Bangkok before you've found the routes correctly .Maybe you will spend more time on how to get to Koh Samet.In order to have more time to play in Koh Samet,Hulutrip provides you pick-up Service to Koh Samet Island.
Pick-up Service Range:North,South,Central and Jomtien Pattaya.It will take extra charge for areas out of range.There is more convenient way for you to join in our Koh Samet Snorkeling Day Tour.Enjoy your trip in Koh Samet Island!
Fee Including:pick-up service,island hopping,snorkeling(no times limited),beach chairs,lunch(table of six with Thailand taste),round-trip ticket,accident insurance(banana boating is out of range). Getting Around Koh Samet
There are two main arteries on Ko Samet: the northern route connects Hat Sai Kaeo to Ao Klang and Ao Noina. The central route consists of four smaller roads. The first road links Sai Kaeo beach to Ao Phai and Ao Phutsa. The second road connects the center of island to Ao Wong Duean. The third road connects the first road to Ao Thapthim and Ao Nuan. The fourth road connects the first road to Ao Phrao.Songthaews are the chief means of public transport.
There are five piers: Ao Klang, Ao Phrao, Ao Wong Duean, Ao Thian, and Ao Wai. Ao Klang Pier is the port to mainland. The rest are piers for diving and excursions. Cars are very few, Motorbikes are many and are the best way to explore the Island .Truck taxis ( songthaews ) -a rather well worn pickup truck with two hard benches in the back and no roof, These are available all over the island Taxi Prices -to other parts of Koh Samed. - "There is NO car hire on Koh Samet" Pattaya Cabaret Show: Alcazar Show  Tiffany Show   Aphrodite Cabaret Show   Simon Cabaret  Show
Pattaya Adult Show:  Russian Show  Live Sex Show    69 Show    Dragon Club     Sex Boyz Dance