Merry Christmas J Pop! Searching some tips from Jpop forum in hk, we find J Pop Christmas music or album from last Christmas.Hulutrip provides some Top-list for Jpop Musical Album for Christmas Market.

Ancient Myths and Legends

Unique singer-songwriter Ekotumi is inspired by tales from Japan’s earliest history.  Fit for Jpop Christmas, Her ongoing project, “New Translation KOJIKI”, references Japan’s oldest existing written chronicle, the Kojiki or “record of ancient matters” which dates from the early eighth century. She takes inspiration from Japan’s ancient myths and folklore, and interprets them for a modern audience. Her soulful and carefully chosen lyrics are matched perfectly with traditional Japanese percussion instruments. His songs is definitely for Jpop Christmas now, no matter next or last.

Folk Songs For The Masses

Merry Christmas to J-POP folk songs! Moving further forward in history, up to the early twentieth century, Japan saw the growth in popularity of folk songs or min’yo. These were either sung without musical accompaniment or alongside traditional instruments such as the shamisen or koto. One half of our guest performer NeoBallad, the singer Sachi Wakasa, was Japan’s national folk singing champion as a child, and together with her collaborator Wataru Kamiryo they give a modern twist to Japanese folk music with rock and techno influences of J-POP Christmas music.

Enka For The Modern Age
Little closer to the present day, the enka genre of sentimental ballads became phenomenally popular in the latter half of the twentieth century. Despite this relatively recent provenance, however, they hark back to a nostalgic view of the past, both musically and often lyrically as well for J-POP Christmas music. While enka were seen as unfashionable for a time, recent years have seen a new breed of younger artists bring the genre up to date, and we have two of the most exciting of these performing at the HYPER JAPAN Christmas market. J-POP sensation Misaki Iwasa has found unprecedented chart success with modern-day enka, while male trio Hayabusa channel the 1970s glory days of enka ballads in their high-energy performances, even for J-POP Christmas music.