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Covered 1430000 square meter, cherry blossoms are weeping in Seoul National Cemetery 2017. As one of must-see attraction in spring, Seoul National Cemetery 2017 will be decorated with full bloom cherry with long swaying tendrils. The color of cherry blossom is extraordinarily pink in Seoul National Cemetery 2017.
Seoul National Cemetery Cherry,Seoul National Cemetery Cherry 2017
Those trees are spectacular in spring, with their pale pink offering most beautiful background for photos. Lined with delicate pink blossoms, the white and pink branches are brighten the whole landscape. With weeping cherry, there are also elegant white magnolia trees and bright yellow forsythias. There are full of activities in Seoul National Cemetery 2017.
Highlight & Program 2017
Jinhae Gunghanje Festival Seoul National Cemetery
grand opening ceremony of navy military band and choir performances Ministry of National Defense special military band & honor guard ceremony
street parade of General Yi Sun-shin and his troops National Cemetery honor guard shift changing ceremony
Yeojwacheon Stream (Cherry Blossom Road) Starlight Festival Ministry of National Defense exhibition of photo and art pieces
Korea Naval Academy Museum public opening Health experience Hanmadang of Dongjak-gu Office (Dongjak Health Center)
fireworks display Tour at the Patriotic's Path & writing letter of appreciation to the Patriotic's soul (souvenirs provided)
nearby attractions Cherry Blossoms photo contest and photo exhibition
Seoul National Cemetery Cherry,Seoul National Cemetery Cherry 2017
Symbolizing protection of the nation, the cherry blossoms are hanging on the branches, making people think about paying respect to the souls of all patriots and to solemn one's mind. The festival is held, like other cherry festival, in every April with varied programs as the table shows above. Welcome to Seoul National Cemetery Cherry Festival 2017.
Seoul National Cemetery Cherry,Seoul National Cemetery Cherry 2017
Festival Maehua Village
Seoul National CemeteryJinhae Cherry, Yeouido
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