How to Pay by Alipay Online Payment
Alipay ( is a commonly used third-party online payment solution in China. It is an Alibaba Group's affiliated company which is Launched in 2004. From that on, Alipay cooperation has taken "trust" as a core of their products and services. They are not only committed to provide a safe payment to customers, but also devote theirselves to build trust between customers, constructing a pure and harmonious internet environment! These are all the reason why Alipay can win the hearts of countless people.
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1. International Card Payment
An online credit card payment service, is launched by Alipay and many international cards like Visa, MasterCard, JCB and etc. It is able to be used in the majority of countries. Customers can safely pay online just by inputting verification information and the bank card and ID card number.

2. Cross-border Qucik Pay
It is an international Quick Pay service based on the China Quick Pay service. Alipay has launched it to provide a payment for the accounts from Hongkong, Macau and Taiwan. Authentication is required at the first time you use this service. But you can finish your payment just by inputting your payment password and the verification code on your phone after the first time authentication. Your whole operation is protected under strong encryption
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3. Ask Your Chinese Friends to Pay
PC: With Alipay balance, cyberbanking, saving card, saving card Quick Pay, Yu Ebao, Your friends can pay the fee on behalf of you.
Alipay Wallet: 
Available: Alipay balance, saving card, Online Transfer E of Postal Savings Bank and saving card Quick Pay.
Unavailable: Credit card, credit card Quick Pay, mobile phone cyberbanking
Note: A digital certificate need to be installed when Paying agency pays for an Alibaba's order.
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4. Business Sevice
Paying by the international cards signed with Alipay, makes customers from all around the world be able to buy your products easy. Service Hotline: 0571-88158090.
Alipay's international card serive solves you the problem of abroad credit card payment. Aborad clients can pay by Visa, MasterCard and JCB (More Cards will be available in future). It provides you a fee-collecting solution for international business meeting, flight E-ticket, hotel booking, tourism, international trade, etc.

1. Quick fee-collecting.
2. Available in all around the world; Success rate of payment is over than 80%.
3. RMB settlement, will not be limited by foreign exchange quota.
4. Quick settlement, T+1 can be withdrawn to the bank card account generally.
5. No annual fee, no opening fee, no any extra fee.
6. Strict risk management reduces your loss from refuse payment or being stolen.
7. Multi-currency and multi-language payment pages, extend the global marketing.

Major Cooperative Financial Institution
The global major payment channels of online payment and credit card payment, almost cover around the world. Alipay offers a steady exchange channel of Visa and MasterCard, 3D and non-3D. Alipay also has a set of Risk prevention system(Passed the PCI-DSS certification) and a good outside communication system to ensure the benefit of  businesses. You can save many time to concentrate on products themselves and market development if you cooperate with Alipay.

Has a large number of users in Japan, you have to choose it if you intend to develop Japanese market.
AXP(About to be launched): Has countless high-end users around the world, Alipay is about to cooperate with AXP in order to solve clients problem of trip. 

QIWI(Only for at Present):
A Russian famous E-wallet, has about 200 thousands outlets and 80 millions users in Russia, being the major credit card supplementary channel in Russia.