Maple Leaves Season in Korea 2016

Are you planning to travel in autumn? The maple leaves season in Korea would be your best choice!
Walking in the street with fall foliage, surrounded by ease and romance.
It's the most comfortable period in Korea.
It's also the best season to travel in Korea.
Get your backage, come and enjoy your holiday with your love ones!

2016 Korea Maple Leaves Season

  • Reason that Convince You to Travel to South Korea in Autumn

    Fall foliage in Korea 2016:Every fall, Korea basks in golden autumn light.South Korea is one of the most picturesque counties on this side of the galaxy.Once the temperature drops,it’s more charming. If you travel in Korea in the season of falling, you would fall head over heels in love with Korea.

    August 11,2016 READ MORE
  • Four Seasons in Korea: Autumn is the Best!

    Korea has a temperate climate. The stunning scenery of four seasons is the most fun of the tour to Korea. Among four seasons, autumn is the best.

    August 01,2016 READ MORE
  • Top 5 Korean Food must try in 2016 fall!

    A different set of food will show in Korea’s table for each four seasons in Korea.Foods are best in terms of taste and nutritional value when they are eaten in season. Read on to see more what’s in for this fall!

    July 28,2016 READ MORE
  • Best Healthy Korean Food in Maple Season: Chueotang

    Chueotang is a Korean soup made from mudfish, which is a popular dish among the Korean farmers residing in Namwon.The best time to eat Chueotang is between July and November when mudfish becomes nutritious.

    July 28,2016 READ MORE
  • Do you dare to eat? 7 super-spicy Korean dishes

    It's strange that for many Koreans spice is therapy. There's something surprisingly cathartic about feeling like your brain is on fire. "Rating the dishes from one to five, here are the seven steps to be a real Korean spice-eater.

    August 01,2016 READ MORE
  • 5 Korean Songs Suitable for Fall

    Fall foliage in Korea 2016: After the hot summer, the cool and calm winter comes. Here is the list of the most suitable K-pop songs for listening in fall.Appreciating the fall foliage, who who comes out first to you while listening the music?

    August 12,2016 READ MORE

Fun Activities during Maple Seaon

  • First Theme Park in Korea: Seoul Land in Maple Season

    Seoulland is Korea’s first theme park, with a beautiful scenery surrounded by Cheonggyesan Mountain.A theme park combines with roller costar and swimming pool must be your best destination of summer!

    August 12,2016 READ MORE
  • 2 Recommended Korea Fireworks Festivals in Fall

    Fall foliage in Korea 2016: A tour to Korea in Maple season is colorful. No matter it's day or night, life is full and productive. There are 2 biggest International Fireworks Festivals Korea during this fall. In the evenings, fireworks light up the sky, making the sky a kaleidoscope of colour.

    July 27,2016 READ MORE
  • 4 Special Korean Festivals Must Visit in Fall

    Fall foliage in Korea 2016: After a hot steaming summer, autumn is on its way. The tree of the leaves will start to turn into maple leaves where various attractive colours such yellow, orange, red maple leaves can be seen everywhere in Korea.So, what can you do if you visit Korea in fall season?

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Maple Leaves in Seoul

  • Best Destination for Maple Season in Seoul 2016Ⅰ

    Every year from October to November is the maple season in Korea, which is also the most comfortable season in a year around. It is a good time for you to travel around Korea to appreciate the fall foliage with your family or your lover! You don’t need to climb up the mountain.

    July 20,2016 READ MORE
  • Best Destination for Maple Season in Seoul 2016 Ⅱ

    Every fall, visitors from home and abroad will flock to the rural destinations to enjoy the fiery colors of autumn. However, a tour to other religion in maple season is difficult to achieve. The following sites are known as the top places to appreciate the rich fall foliage in Seoul city.

    July 21,2016 READ MORE
  • Hanok cafés in Seoul 2016

    In Seoul downtown, there are a number of coffee shops and tea houses renovated in hanok. What makes them different is their beautiful architecture. All the traditional Korean decoration creates a unique ambience. Read on this article to learn more about these special coffee shops.

    August 09,2016 READ MORE
  • 5 Recommended Themed Cafes in Seoul

    Theme cafes are very popular in Seoul. In just one neighborhood of shopping and sightseeing, you can expect to be spoilt for choices among the varying cafes.

    August 06,2016 READ MORE
  • Korean Unique Street Foods in Hongdae

    Walking in the street in Seoul, you can not only appreciate the fall foliage in the street but also enjoy the delicious street food. Traveling in Korea, Hongdae, one of the most famous universty street , are highly recommended to go.

    August 03,2016 READ MORE
  • Seoul Lantern Festival Korea 2016

    The Seoul Lantern Festival is meant to commemorate the breadth and magnificence of Seoul’s history, highlighting its various UNESCO Cultural Heritage designations, along with other Korean cultural icons, with a massive fleet of lanterns handcrafted by domestic and international artisans.

    August 18,2016 READ MORE
  • A BigBang Tour in Seoul 2016

    Korea's representative music group BigBang are already one of the biggest acts in Korean music and are now gaining popularity all over the world. We carefully selected ‘Korean Wave attraction points’ that BigBang fans would not want to miss seeing.

    August 22,2016 READ MORE
  • Cafes with the Best Fall Vibes in Seoul

    The blazing sun is finally loosening up if we enter into the month of October,the weather will be just right to explore Seoul with less hesitation!If you want to escape the frenzy of Seoul for just a moment,we provide a list below of some quiet,peaceful cafes where you can give your soul some rest.

    August 22,2016 READ MORE
  • Recommended Place to Purchase Idol's Accessories in Seoul 2016

    Visiting in Korea, many fans will purchase some copies and accessories of their favorite stars or idols. Here are some recommended places for you to buy the legal copies and official accessories.

    August 23,2016 READ MORE

Maple Leaves in Gangwon-do

  • Seoraksan Mountain Maple Tour for One Night Two Days 2016

    Autumn in Korea is colorful with the maple leaves covered on the road, avenue, mountains. It' s the best time to travel in Korea for its most comfortable season. A tour for one night two days would be your best choice! Hulutrip provides you with Seoraksan Mountain Maple Tour in 2016 fall.

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  • Seoraksan Mountain Maple Tour Q&A

    Hulutrip provides you with Maple Tour to Seoraksan Mountain for One Night Two Days in 2016. After arriving at the foot of mountain, we will take the cable up to the Gwongeumseong Fortress, where you will see the stunning scenery.Here are some Q&A for you to know more about the tour!

    July 30,2016 READ MORE
  • Korean Odaesan Mountain in Maple Season

    Fall foliage in Korea 2016: The Odaesan autumn scenery reaches its peak in mid-October, and many visitors seek out the mountain during this time, so it may be better to climb Odaesan from Myeonggaeri, its northern region.Why not hike the trail to Woljeongsa Temple to enjoy the beautiful autumn foliage?

    August 08,2016 READ MORE
  • The Unusual Hotel You Won't Believe Actually Exist in Korea

    Located on a coastal cliff in Jeongdongjin, a tourist destination known for having the best view of the sunrise in Korea, Sun Cruise Resort & Yacht is the world’s first on-land cruise themed resort.You can relax in this unique hotel right by the coastal view and gazing at the mesmerizing sunrise,

    August 04,2016 READ MORE

Maple Leaves in Jeonju

  • Maple Season in Jeonju: the Third Best Attraction in Asia

    Fall foliage in Korea 2016: Jeonju has been selected as the third best attraction in Asia, where world travelers should visit within the year.Jeonju has finally started to make noise further afield, the birthplace of Korea's most famous dish, bibimbap, now lures a younger crowd thanks to its fast-emerging street food scene.

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  • Jeonju Hanok Village Maple Leaves Two-day Tour 2016 Itinerary

    Fall foliage in Korea 2016: The auntumn in Jeonju is vividly colorful. Maple leaves are hanging on trees or covered on ground, poured in great vitality into the whole scenery of Jeonju City. It is the best time to travel in Korea, also in Jeonju.Hulutrip provides you with Jeonju Hanok Village Maple Leaves Tour 2016!

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  • 8 popular street food in Jeonju Hanbok Village

    In the heart of Jeonju is the Jeonju Hanok Village,a home to more than 800 Korean traditional houses called 'hanok'.You can find plenty of local street foods and some of which are served only in this village.So don't forget to taste these one-of-a-kind delicacies if you visit Jeonju Hanok Village!

    August 08,2016 READ MORE
  • What's fun in the Jeonju Hanok Village Maple Tour?

    Hulutrip now provides you the Jeonju Hanok Village Maple Leaves Tour 2016 for one night two days. It is an amazing trip combined with experiencing tradional Korean life style and appreciating the blazing fall foliage in Jeonju Hanok Village. .

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  • Hanok Stay – Best Way to Feel Korea Even While You Are sleeping

    If you want to feel Korea from the bottom of your heart even while sleeping, hanok, the iconic traditional housing of Korea, will be the best choice. As a traveler, hanok is not the most comfortable choice regarding the bedding and the structure where bathroom is located outside.

    August 12,2016 READ MORE

Maple Leaves in Busan

  • Fall in Love with Busan Autumn Fall Foliage!

    In Busan, throughout October and November, you can meet lush Geumjeong Mountain dyed with scarlet-tinged leaves. The climate is generally the most comfortable, with clear skies and pleasant temperatures.You must fall in love with the Busan for the picturesque sites of fall foliage.

    July 29,2016 READ MORE
  • Recommended One-day Tour in Busan 2016

    Busan, the second biggest city in Korea, is known for its beaches, local seafood and events such as the city's renowned international film festival. It appeals to those seeking a more laid back atmosphere than Seoul as well as possessing an international flair.

    August 25,2016 READ MORE
  • 5 Dishes You Need To Try From Busan 2016

    A lot of tourists already know a lot about Seoul. But have you ever been to Busan? Busan is really famous for its beaches and food! Many Korean people like to plan a trip there to go on a food spree. Here are some of the most famous dishes in Busan.

    August 17,2016 READ MORE
  • Gamcheon Culture Village: Machu Picchu of Busan

    Gamcheon Culture Villiage is formed by houses built in staircase-fashion on the foothills of a coastal mountain, earning this village the nickname of "Machu Picchu of Busan." The many alleys cutting through this community are vibrantly decorated with murals and sculptures created by the residents.

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  • Private Van for One-day Tour Busan Online Booking

    Hulutrip now provides you with the private van service for one-day tour in Busan downtown, which is fast and easy to arrive at your destination. The journey will be last for 8 hours. In 8 hours, you can go to the attractions in Busan that you want to visit.

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Maple Leaves in Jeju Island

  • Fall Foliage Sites in Jeju Island 2016

    Jeju’s autumn views are the most stunning in all seasons. It not only brings cool wind to the island but also change the landscape with its comely vista. People from all over the world love to engage in the popular pastime of leaf viewing. These foliage sites are highly recommended to you.

    July 29,2016 READ MORE
  • 3-Day Jeju Cycling Tour in Maple Season

    Autumn is the most beautiful season in Korea, and in so Jeju Island is. Do you want to cycle along Jeju’s glorious coast with the wind in your hair (or helmet)? Feeling in the breath of sutumn, cycling around the Jeju Island to visit the interesting places and enjoy the delicacy.

    July 22,2016 READ MORE
  • Recommended One-day Tour in Jeju Island for Couples 2016

    As the honeymoon capital for all of Korea, Jeju Island is often highly regarded as the “Korean Hawaii” by many Koreans. Traveling in Jeju with your lover will be the unforgettable memories in your life!

    August 26,2016 READ MORE
  • 3 Recommended Restaurants in Jungmun,Jeju Island

    Korean food is more and more popular in the world. There are many good restaurants in Jeju Island.Here are 3 recommended restaurants in Jeju Island.

    July 16,2016 READ MORE
  • 2016 Jeju Olle Walking Festival

    The Jeju Olle Walking Festival enables participants to meet both local residents and travelers on the trail from different backgrounds while slowly walking along the Jeju Island. Besides the engagement with people on the trail, participants may enjoy various performances, art.

    August 18,2016 READ MORE

Fall Foliage Sites in Korea

  • Fall in Love with Busan Autumn Fall Foliage!

    In Busan, throughout October and November, you can meet lush Geumjeong Mountain dyed with scarlet-tinged leaves. The climate is generally the most comfortable, with clear skies and pleasant temperatures.You must fall in love with the Busan for the picturesque sites of fall foliage.

    July 29,2016 READ MORE
  • Fall Foliage in Chuncheon 2016

    As a lakeside city, Chuncheon is known as a romantic travel destination.It is more beautiful when visited in autumn. In fall, the colorful foliage is reflected off the waters and creates a picturesque sight. A relaxing two-day trip to Chuncheon is highly recommended.

    August 08,2016 READ MORE
  • Fall Foliage in Juwangsan Korea 2016

    Fall foliage in Korea 2016: Juwangsan has been well-known as the best scenic spot in Gyeongsangbuk-do(Province) and regarded as one of the top three rocky mountains in Korea thanks to its breathtaking scenery by the beautiful nunataks and valleys.

    August 11,2016 READ MORE